Whole House Filtration

Kinetico whole House filters are specially engineered to tackle troublesome water problems other than hardness. They address water issues such as chlorine, arsenic, iron, sediment, rotten egg smell, etc. They may be used either alone or in conjunction with other Kinetico systems for a whole house solution approach.



Our most popular whole house filters are dechlorinators – either stand alone or in combination with a water softener. Chlorine is a great boon for disinfecting the public water supply, but once it enters your home it can cause problems. Chlorine can damage plastic, “o” rings, and seals in plumbing fixtures and appliances. It also is inhaled in shower steam and absorbed through the skin while bathing. Many studies question the long term health effects that it has on the body.

With these thoughts in mind, many people elect to dechlorinate. A Kinetico dechlorinator provides chlorine free water throughout the house – water free of unpleasant tastes and odors.