Shopping Tips

Shopping for water treatment equipment can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming. The market is saturated with all kinds of systems, from all kinds of companies, making all kinds of claims. It is often difficult to know what you need and what information to trust. We offer the following suggestions. First, have your water tested by a water professional. Make sure performance claims are certified by an independent, “third party”. Deal with a reputable, licensed contractor, one who has been in business for several years and is likely to remain so. Deal with a company that has an experienced service department. Buy equipment made by a well established, national manufacturer, one who will be around to honor any warranty issues and be able to provide parts and filters. Lastly, remember that the lowest price does not necessarily equate to the best value.

Water Test

Have your water tested by a professional or, if you own a private well, you may wish to obtain a more complete water anlysis from a certified lab. Understanding what’s in your water is important in reaching the best solution to your water problem.

“Third Party” Certification

Don’t rely on “faith” based performance claims. Insist on third party validation from organizations like NSF International or the WQA (Water Quality Association). Certification from these organizations insure that the products are constructed and formulated from safe materials and that any performance claims are actually backed by rigorous testing data. For example, the Kinetico K5 reverse osmosis drinking water station is certifies by WQA using the NSF/ANSI Standard 58 to remove an average of 99.3% of Arsenic V. When shopping certified systems, be sure to view the manufacturer’s performance data sheets to compare the percentage reduction of various contaminants. This information will provide you confidence in how well that product can be expected to perform. Also, be wary of systems that use certified components, but are not themselves certified as a system or for performance.

Reputable and Licensed

Our company has been in business since 1989 under the same ownership. In the ensuing time period, we have seen many competitors come and go and have had to service a wide variety of equipment whose owners could not get service. We have actual physical business locations, staffed by real people, as opposed to answering machines. When shopping for water treatment equipment, keep these considerations in mind. Also, the State of Arizona requires water treatment equipment be installed by licensed contractors. Our license number is ROC #084018. VERIFY from the Registrar of Contractors that you are, in fact, dealing with a currently licensed contractor. We have also been selected as Rosie on the House’s preferred water treatment contractor for Northern Arizona. Rosie on the House is Arizona’s #1 contractor referral and home improvement resource, and their preferred contractors have been rigorously pre-screened as the best of the best.


Look for a company that has trained service people and that will respond in a reasonable time period. Drinking water systems in particular require maintenance to perform as advertised.


When you spend good money for something, you would like it to last. If something goes wrong, you would like it fixed, preferably under warranty. Water treatment equipment components are readily available and there are many companies that assemble these components into similar water treatment systems. Like small dealers, many of these companies come and go, as do their warranties. Look for a well established, national manufacturer who specializes in the water treatment industry. Kinetico Inc. was founded in 1970. Since that time they have grown into an international company with a major presence in residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal markets. They have a very active research and development department and more WQA certified personnel than any other company. Kinetico is not just an assembler. They actually manufacturer a large portion of their components and, as a result, are able to exert greater quality control. Their dedication to quality allows them to offer one of the best, no-nonsense warranties in the industry. Be wary of “lifetime” warranties. Read the fine print and gauge the longevity of the manufacturer.

Pseudo-science – If it sounds to be good to be true…

BEWARE – The internet is full of companies hawking all sorts of alternaive water treatment products. Chemical or salt free water conditioning, alkaline water, structured water, energized water, magnetic, catalytic, etc. – all promise to do amazing things, but we strongly urge caution. These products are all sold on testimonials, without credible, independent, third party validation. The claims may sound scientific, but are they really based on science – or just hype? …MORE

New Construction

Although it is never too late, the best time to think about water is when you are planning, building, or remodeling your home. Proper planning will leave you more options and can save you money. As professionals in the water quality field, we are pleased to work with owners, contractors, designers, and architects to improve the quality of your home. However, don’t fret if your home was built without water treatment forethought, we can usually accomodate your needs with only minimal compromise.