Kinetico is Green

Not only do Kinetico water systems give you all the great benefits, like softer hair and skin, cleaner laundry, and sparkling glassware, but Kinetico products are environmentally friendly.

Conserving energy is important. With energy costs on the rise, consumers are searching for energy saving technology and earth friendly practices. Kinetico has it! A Kinetico system is powered by water pressure and does not require electricity or gas. It also features on-demand regeneration (cleaning cycle), which not only saves water, but energy as well because it takes energy to deliver the water we all use everyday.

A major, independent study claims that “softeners among ‘very best’ household energy savers. The Battelle institute found that the cost for a gas hot water heater increases 4% per 5 grains of hardness per 50 gallons of daily water use. That amount equates to a 48% loss of efficiency and increased cost for 100 gallons per day of 30 grain water. For more information on the Battelle study click here.

Household appliances also last longer and work more efficiently. In most homes, the hot water heater is the second highest electrical consumer in the household. Hard water contains calcium and magnesium which binds to the heating element causing the unit to use 20-30% more energy to first heat the scale before it can heat the water. Try boiling water on your stovetop by placing a 3/4″ ceramic tile between the burner and the pot. You’ll quickly grasp this energy wasting concept. Premature failure of appliances is also a huge environmental burden.
With a Kinetico water system, You can save 50-80% on soaps, shampoos, laundry detergent, dish soap and other cleaning products, saving money and the environment (as well as reducing the energy and pollution that goes into making and transporting them). In addition, soaps high in phosphates, which Arizona homeowners use to counteract the effects of hard water, are no longer necessary. Low-phosphate soap can be used, therefore reducing ground water pollution. All these benefits come with a small trade off of needing to use a small amount of salt and water, both natural, renewable products.
A quote from one of the premier environmental websites,, touts the environmental advantages of a Kinetico water softener:

“If your water is extremely hard, a case can be made that softening the water is the best choice for the environment. The impacts of the energy and materials that go into water softening can be offset by longer appliance life, more washes before clothing goes gray and less detergents needed for effective cleaning. A cation exchange softener, usually installed at the point of entry to the house, takes the “hard” ions calcium and magnesium out of the water, replacing them with sodium and potassium. Our vote for the best ion exchange filters goes to Kinetico for systems which use the energy in the water flowing through them so no electricity is required as well as metered regeneration, which minimizes waste, and dual-tank construction, so the system is never off-line.”

Water is one of the most environmentally friendly beverages that you can choose to drink, but some water choices aren’t as friendly as others. Kinetico water allows you to have a purified choice without all the negatives of bottled water – the high cost per gallon, petroleum use in plastic containers and for transportation, and the landfill/litter issues.

The bottom line is hard to ignore: With the right home water treatment, you can conserve valuable resources, help protect the environment, and save money in the process. Green water never sounded so tasty!